"there is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept"

Ansel Adams

stop and take notice

There is nothing more powerful than communicating without using words. Although a string of eloquent prose can move you, the emotional connection from a painting, a music score or a photograph can stir something much deeper. Creating images that tell a story is what we're all about. Whether it's a portrait, product, building or event, our images are crafted to be arresting and draw you in.

how we work

An image is the result, where photography is the medium but not the process. Photography is the last step in a journey of discovery. It all starts with understanding what we're trying to achieve and unearthing the layers of imagination to shape the vision. We love to leave the gear in the bag and just interact with people and the environment. We believe it's the best way to connect and produce our best work.

what projects we love to work on

Complementing a written piece with imagery that resonates and gives text more dimension is hugely rewarding. We can work to a brief or freely explore how best to capture and visually express a story.

Having a deep love of design makes working with new collections and capturing their aesthetic appeal an absolute pleasure. It's not an easy endeavour, but the results keep us coming back for more.

With our genuine desire to promote better branding, we love the opportunity to construct product shots, stock photo libraries and staff portraits to ensure a professional public face. We often combine corporate photography with our other brand and web services to ensure consistency.