"storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it"

Hannah Arendt

begin with the story

It all starts with the story or message you're trying to tell...

Whether it's a corporate video, documentary or fashion shoot, keeping the viewer compelled to continue watching relies on structure and scripting more than visual enticements.

As much as we love the impact of still images, there's a different dimension and level of communication from video that we really enjoy working with.

how we work

We work closely with you to construct and refine the story you're trying to convey. We spend the time to discover what you're all about and who you're audience really is.

It's a bit of a journey, where pre-production and story boarding underpin the success of the project. Video production is usually a bit of an unknown for many people, but we're here to guide you through and ensure you're comfortable with the process.

what projects we love to work on

People don't usually want to wade through slabs of text to discover what you're all about. Removing that barrier of laziness that we all have hidden inside, and replacing that with a play button, will allow your message wash over your intended audience - and be remembered. We relish distilling what could be 15 minutes of browsing your site or reading your brochure to a three minute video that says it all - and more!

Still images only give you snapshot of how garments really appear. Although effective in print, they don't really tell the story when we have the web at our disposal. Studio and location fashion look books and seasonal shoots give a sense of how the fabrics really flow. They give us the platform to really show off designs and details in a much more alluring way. Consider adding video for your next season to really create attachement and buzz to your collection.

We really enjoy the process of unearthing stories about people. Characters that have really lived and have wonderful and enriching stories to tell. Discovering and sharing these stories is enormously rewarding.